Saison: Blast from the past

In the category of top-fermented beers, the typical Wallonian Saisons deserve a mention. Not so long ago, this beer style was in danger of being completely forgotten. Thanks to the growing interest in specialty beer, it is once again in the spotlight. The saison has an orange-yellow to bronze color and a thick foam head.

Originally, saisons, just like lambic beers, were only brewed in the winter months. They had to be powerful enough to be able to act as a thirst quencher in the summer months that followed. The saison is mashed at an exceptionally high temperature. As a result, a high content of fermented sugars is obtained. During maturation, dry hops are added. The raw character of the hops is sufficiently compensated by the unfermented sugars. These form the basis of the refermentation in the bottle. This re-fermentation contributes to the sparkling and fruity character of this summer beer. The Dupont brewery with its Saison Dupont and La brasserie à Vapeur, the only real steam brewery still active, with its saison de Pipaix are the figureheads of this style.

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