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3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl


Character, taste, and flavor:

3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl is a Lambic beer that has been aged for up to three years in oak barrels, giving it a unique and complex flavor profile. This beer has a deep golden color and a frothy white head. It has a medium body and a well-balanced, sour finish.

The flavor of 3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl is tart and fruity, with notes of green apple and citrus. There are also hints of oak and vanilla, which complement the sourness of the beer. This beer has a refreshing and crisp taste, making it perfect to enjoy on its own or with a variety of foods.

How to serve:

For the best experience, serve 3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl at a temperature between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius. When pouring, do so slowly to avoid disturbing the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This will allow you to fully enjoy the unique and complex flavor of the beer.


3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl is made using a blend of high-quality malts, hops, yeast, and water. The use of oak barrels during the aging process gives the beer its unique flavor and aroma. This unfiltered and unpasteurized beer is naturally carbonated, which adds to its complex flavor profile. With its tart and fruity taste, 3 Fonteinen Doesjel 75cl is a must-try for any beer enthusiast looking for a unique and refreshing experience.

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