What to buy for a birthday

The birthday gift's "what-to-buy"

It is your friend's birthday and you don't want to give that same gift again this time. You have this good idea to surprise your friend with this nice and delicious box of beers. Yeah, this will make your friend happy. You remember going out and that your friend really enjoyed drinking some beers.

But oh what beers did your friend enjoy drinking again... was it blond, brown, amber or fruity ones? 

Breath in and breath out, Belgian Beer Bank is here for the rescue. We made a fine selection of beers that every person who enjoys a cold one from time to time wants to have in their collection.

Westmalle Extra

This is a seasonal beer is made by and for the monks of Westmalle abbey. It is light and fresh and a true thirst quencher without loosing its character. Even tough it is a much lighter beer than its partners Westmalle Tripel and Westmalle Dubbel, the Extra has the same hoppy creamy aroma that is so typical for Westmalle. Because this seasonal beer is only released annually on the 14th of May, it quickly because an exclusive item for beer lovers all over the world. The beautiful light blue label and bottle cap makes it a must have for beer collectors to add at their beer bank.

Barbar blond

This blond honey beer has a powerful scent with empathic presence of honey flavor. Richly blended with touches of flowers, spices and citrus fruits. Lefebvre brewery went back to the centuries old tradition of beer brewing by using honey instead of sugar. To empower this tradition they use a beautiful retro look beer bottle that can be closed pneumatic.

Karmeliet Tripel

To create this tripel the brewery uses a recipe with 3 cereals: wheat, oats and barley. This recipe has its origin from 1679 derived by Flemish Carmelites. Karmeliet tripel is famous worldwide by tripel lovers because of its unique flavor: caramel, banana and vanilla extract and an orange aftertaste. 

This tripel has recognition by world beer awards and world beer cups in multiple styles. Will you win the best friend award when your friend receives this as a gift?

De La Senne Pils

This pils is not your ordinary pils, it is produced by one of Brussels' most popular craft breweries: De La Senne.

The brewery is located next to le canal close to the city centre of Brussels. In spring and summer they install a big terras outside the brewery where you can enjoy their delicious beer and some local specialities. 

This pils has a soft taste with a fresh aroma of malt, if you pour the beer into a glass with a distance of 5cm you create a smooth foam head.